GIA Backtracks And Reintroduces Printed Reports

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a world-renowned organization that has been setting the standards for diamond grading and certification for over 80 years. GIA is known for its rigorous standards and extensive research, making it a trusted source for diamond grading and identification. Recently, the GIA has introduced a new technology that will replace the traditional diamond certificates with QR codes. GIA announced earlier that by 2025 it will only be issuing digital certificates.

In a turn of events, after just four months, GIA has returned to producing printed reports for its diamonds.

“We appreciate your candid and constructive feedback,” Tom Moses, GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer, wrote in a April 6 letter to clients. “After much consideration, we have decided to return to printed GIA Diamond Dossier reports beginning April 9.”

Tom Moses’ announcement also said:

– All diamonds submitted to GIA on or after April 9 will be returned with a printed Diamond Dossier. It will be the same type of report as those issued before the paperless introduction in January.

– GIA will, upon request, provide a free printed Diamond Dossier to any client that received a digital-only report.

– Current digital versions of the report will still be valid.

In a letter to jewellers GIA states:

"GIA will offer both the printed and digital Diamond Dossier® in response to concerns raised by clients and industry stakeholders after the introduction of the fully digital Diamond Dossier. We will continue to offer printed reports while we develop the digital report experience.

The GIA App will continue to have report information for all GIA issued reports, including the ability to save and share reports. Additionally, the digital Report Access Card will still be available for Diamond Dossiers on Report Check on or via the Report Results API.

GIA is committed to developing robust, secure and compelling digital versions of all our laboratory reports..."

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